Infertility plagues 6.6% of reproductive-aged American women. That translates to about 6 million couples in the US, struggling to grow their family. Medical interventions are the treatment of choice for most, but come at a high risk and a high



Caring for pregnant mothers is one of the most rewarding aspects in the field of Chiropractic. At RiverPath Chiropractic, we are passionate about optimizing the pregnancy and birthing experience of our moms. We welcome families and nursing mothers, and provide



Kids Need a Functioning Nervous System Just Like Their Parents!   Chiropractic care for children offers your family a solid foundation for wellness.       5 Principles of Chiropractic 1.Our bodies are intelligent and self-healing 2.Our brain controls healing 3.Our

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I Felt Really Good This Pregnancy!

My first pregnancy 10 years ago was not easy to say the least and I didn't want the same problems I had with the first. I felt really good this pregnancy! Kim and Chris even came to the hospital to adjust my newborn son. I highly recommend both Kim and Chris to everybody. I love the overall feeling of well being and the holistic approach they use.

Melissa C

I Would Recommend Them To Anyone!

Truly amazing what Kim and Chris do for my family! So grateful that they're helping us on the path towards wellness.

Kelsey B.

They Make You Part Of The Family!

This is a family practice that makes you part of the family the first time you walk in. They truly care about their patients and their families. I love the office, so simple to get in and out with a newborn!

Danielle Q.

I Have My Son Back!

Every point of contention I had about my son's health has improved dramatically, and the only new thing that was added was chiropractic care. Beyond what we have seen in regards to his health, Drs. Chris and Kim are just really kind, and truly caring people, and what they have done for our family is tremendous.

Isabella P.

They Are Sincerely Interested In Making You Healthier!

Dr. Chris & Dr. Kim always have a warm smile on their faces. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and efficient.

Jenny P.


Dr. Kim and Dr. Chris are phenomenal, very accommodating, and really caring. I would highly recommend them.

Syed O.