In Office Health Classes:  We offer heath classes at RiverPath Chiropractic taught by Dr. Kim, Dr. Chris, or other Health Professionals.   These classes range from Fertility challenges, Pregnancy Health topics, and Raising Healthy Children!  Check the calendar for dates and times.  Please RSVP to


Online Health Topics:  We offer classes online through Facebook Live.  The videos will be saved to our Facebook page as well as our Youtube channel to watch anytime!  Check the calendar for dates and times!


Birth Education Center ( Chiropractic has teamed up with the Birth Education Center to bring you classes, workshops and resources to help you enjoy and protect your birthing experience.  Sign up for these classes through the Birth Education Center website.

  • Breastfeeding 101: In the Breastfeeding 101 class, soon-to-be parents will learn about the benefits of breastfeeding, what to expect in the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding, breastfeeding positions, and common misconceptions about breastfeeding. This is an interactive class, so please bring all of your questions about breastfeeding so that they can be addressed. Both parents are encouraged to attend.


  • Newborn 101 takes into account the transition you are both making into becoming a family.
    You will learn the baby basics with a holistic and thorough approach and learn how to combine your world and baby’s successfully.
    You’ll learn:
    • What healthy newborns are like
    • Baby Essentials – what you really need
    • Bathing
    • Feeding
    • Diapering
    • Swaddling
    • Baby Wearing
    • How to soothe a crying baby
    • Eating & sleeping patterns
    • Cord care
    • Circumcision care
    • When to call the doctor
    • Dressing(what to wear and when)
    • Getting your home ready for baby
    • Traveling
    • Postpartum Care for Mom
    • C-Section Recovery
    • Family Sleep Habits
    • Change of family roles

    Class size is limited so sign up today.

  • HypnoBirthing is breathing, relaxation, visualization and fear recognition. Don’t let the name fool you – it’s not for hippies and Yogini’s – although they are more than welcome in our classes!! We know there are a lot of fears associated with childbirth in our country. Those fears should not hold you back from having an amazing birth experience. Once you know your options for birth and realize that it is a natural process that women do all over the world without all this fuss – you begin to believe in your body and it’s ability to birth. Learn more here